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Miami - "Sweet Water"

Sweet water, that’s how native Americans named this gorgeous place. 

A relationship between a place and a person is very delicate.

I’ve been lucky to not only visit this beautiful city, but to live there at one point as well.

When I used to live there, my story with this city seemed to be boring. Now, after living 3 years in Los Angeles, I see Miami as an easy and relaxing place full of friends who are always happy to see you.

I remember my feelings when I just walked out of the MIA airport for the first time. I felt the ocean. The moist and soft aroma of it was everywhere.

It was dark outside and only the lights of restaurants, homes, and yachts gave life to the city.

When I was in Moscow, I followed an Instagram account of a Russian girl who lives in Miami.

I was wondering how it feels to be there. Whenever someone asked me where I would like to travel, I would say Miami. I guess my dream came true and I got a chance to experience it all.

The first place where my friend took me was a parking lot on the roof of a commercial building. The one from the Step Up Revolution movie. From there, you can see an amazing view of the city. That moment I thought to myself that we will be friends.

When you live somewhere you get to know a place from the inside.

South Beach is a little village where everyone knows each other. You don’t need to make plans in advance in order to see your friends. You can stop by a local bar anytime, or go to the beach and you’ll find the same familiar faces.

Miami is a spicy mix of cultures. There are people from all over the world speaking dozens different languages, and that’s a beauty of it! You learn about countries and cultures, all within a single neighborhood.

I love Miami the way it is with all its advantages and disadvantages. It’s an amazing place with the variety of interesting places to visit.

I’m currently writing this at the South Point Park listening to hippies playing the guitar and singing Hare Krishna. There are splashing waves under my feet, green palm trees above my head, and bright lights of Downtown catching my eyes. In a few hours I will be in Los Angeles walking down familiar street of West Hollywood and looking at the endless mountains with the famous Hollywood Sign. There are going to be a lot of people around with their unique stories and I’ll keep sharing my stories with you.

Big thanks to my lovely friend and photographer Mary Komarova (@marykomarova) for the amazing photos!:) 

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