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California Fairy Tale

A beautiful thing about California is its diverse landscapes. Within miles from Los Angeles you can find a desert, sand dunes, the ocean, a deep forest, and a snow-covered fairy tale.

In search for a Christmas vibe, we chose Big Bear as our destination.

Growing up, I’ve always wanted to learn how to snowboard but Russian physical education required hours of strictly cross country skiing which I can’t say was my favorite activity!

The weather was very hot for the end of December - about 60 degrees. The Snow Summit Mountainlooked like one of those resorts where girls wear bikinis while snowboarding. I picked up a board and a helmet, and went straight to get bruises all over my body. I took 3 snowboard classes for 2 hours each. After the second class I was ready to cruise around the big mountain. It wasn’t easy. I was pretty scared but a glass of double gin and tonic made me brave enough to step out my comfort zone.

The good thing about Snow Summit is they have night riding. The temperature cools down, most of people with kids leave, and the atmosphere becomes more relaxing.

The second day of practicing was physically harder because my body was so tired and sore from the previous one, so we called it a day slightly earlier and went for a walk around the Village.

I love small towns like Big Bear with their cute little streets full of shops, cafes, and restaurants. The town made me feel like I’m in a Christmas movie. I was enjoying a fresh cup of hot chocolate with a chocolate croissant and watching people simply being happy. The town was full of tourists from all over the world. I guess Big Bear brings together not only California people.

Since the trip was a last-minute decision, we didn’t have a lot of options for accommodation. All the hotels and cabins were fully booked. We got a small cabin at the Noon Lodge Hotel.

It was a very cute wooden place with aroma incenses on tables, cabin-like warm lighting, and a fireplace. Although I would recommend to book a loft with a kitchen and a living room if you decide to stay there.

Most of the places were closed during Christmas morning but we found a wonderful coffee shop called the “Tea & Coffee Exchange”with fresh coffee, Nutella crepes, veggie paninis, and a Christmas tree. It feels good sometimes to eat unhealthy, doesn’t it?;)

I left Big Bear full of joy, bruises on my body, and memories. I’ve completed another trip from my “must go to” list and I’m ready for new adventures.

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